Street Artist: “Michael Aaron Williams”

April 18, 2011

To be honest I find it difficult to be inspired by a lot of the art created today – but I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw the below pieces by street/fine artist Michael Aaron Williams – he officially has a new fan!!!

Michael Aaron Williams “art is a narrative, visual poetry, making a social statement to move the viewer to action or realization. An important part of his work focuses on the street, the place where people live their daily lives. This allows him to interact with an audience on their own turf and observe how they react to the art; it is a social experiment. These open-air installations focus on the ephemeral state of street people and enable the viewer to participate in the outcome of the pieces, whether the viewer leaves or saves them from the street. His goal in depicting street people is to show their beauty, fragility, and to bring their situation into the eyes of the viewer, refusing to let them be forgotten or ignored.”

For More Info:

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