Barney’s: “Patrick Mauries Fornasetti”

September 11, 2011

“Combining Surrealist influences with a love for old engravings, prolific designer Piero Fornasetti (1913-88) created an array of whimsical creations and visions. Applying these to items of daily use, his workshops issued decorated cups, ties, scarves, fans, and screens along with dazzling pieces of trompe l’oeil furniture, all now sought by collectors. In addition, Fornasetti created countless drawings, book designs, and portraits and designed the decor for the luxury liner Andrea Doria . After peaking in the fifties and sixties, Fornasetti’s reputation experienced a decline, until he was “rediscovered” in 1980 during the first revival of “Fifties Style.”

Occhi Wood Tray – $740

Theme & Variations Plate #204 – $185

Appetizer Set – $240

Themes & Variations Decorative Plate #250 – $185

Viso Spray Bottle – $125

Fornasetti: Designer of Dreams – $39.50

Photo/History Credits:,default,sc.html


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