A Modern Ladies Guide To Cycling

October 17, 2011

In preparation for my post on the “New York 2011 Rugby Tweed Run” here is…

A Modern Lady’s Guide To Cycling

“We know it can be somewhat challenging for the gentlewomen among us to maintain their gracious and elegant air whilst on their cycles, particularly when colliding with a nuisance jaywalker, or simply after an hour on the saddle. Here are our suggestions for the most frequently asked questions by lady cyclists.”

What does one do with one’s handbag when on a velocipede?

1. Give it to a chivalrous gentleman. Let him deal with it.

2. Pop it in a wicker basket.

3. Turn it into a saddle bag and bungee it to your rear carrier.

4. Leave it at home and make someone else pay for your beverages.

How does one style one’s hair-do for a day on the bike?

Hairstyles that do work on a bicycle: Ponytails, finger waves, the bob.

Hairstyles that don’t work on a bicycle: Beehives, roller-sets, the Mohican.

What does a lady do when one begins to perspire?

Out mothers taught us that exertion is unladylike. We say hogwash. The Ms. Pendletons amongst us know that working up a glow can be its own reward. But do plan ahead: perhaps bring along a kerchief, some powder and perfume.

And a word about crossbars:

You will want to consider limitations your bicycle may impose on your outfit. In these liberated times, the intelligent modern woman will choose sensible trousers or culottes over a hoopskirt and a tight corset.

All Photo & Text Credits: http://www.rugby.com


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