“The outdoor installation coincides with the release party for Von’s latest print series.”

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Seasick Steve – “You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks”

Lennon by Von

November 26, 2011

MEDIUM: Giclee print on Somerset Enhanced 100% Cotton Rag 225 gsm

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Two weeks oversize leather trapeze top – 100% leather – 19″ long – $124

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Tribal Spike Cuff (Crushed Shell) – $230

Tribal Spike Necklace (Smoke) – $207

Tribal Spike Necklace (Crushed Shell) – $207

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The unicorn is a lunar, a symbol of power and virility, not to be tamed by any man.”

Wild Horse Armpiece – €362

Black Knight Earcuffs – €223

Pale Moon Necklace – €273

Text engraved: “not all those who wander are lost”

Wild Horse Necklace – €473

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Basic Sunglasses (Crystal) – $117

Matte Basic Sunglasses (Resin) – $139

Matte Basic Sunglasses (Light Green) – $139

Basic Sunglasses (Black/Gold) – $195

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Lioness: Hidden Treasures out 5th December