“A Freewheelin’ Time” by Suze Rotolo

November 7, 2011

It recently came to my attention that I never blogged about one of my favorite books. Well its time to right the wrong, so here we go.

“A Freewheelin’ Time”

A Memoir of Greenwich Village in he Sixties – by Suze Rotolo

“A Freewheelin’ Time is Suze Rotolo’s firsthand, eyewitness, participant-observer account of the immensely creative and fertile years of the 1960s, just before the circus was in full swing and Bob Dylan became the anointed ringmaster. It chronicles the back-story of Greenwich Village in the early days of the folk music explosion, when Dylan was honing his skills and she was in the ring with him.”

“We discovered how much we had in common, including a mutual need for a comfortable place away from the chaos of life. We found in each other a kind of safe haven.” – Suze Rotolo

I highly suggest you read this book,

…especially if your an obsessive Dylan fan like myself!

For More Info: http://www.amazon.com/


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