Fishs Eddy: $25 & Under Gift Ideas

December 12, 2011

Lotto Ticket Tray 5-2/8″ L – $8.95

Brooklynese Mug 10 oz – $9.95

RX Prescription Pad Tray – $9.95

Pills Small Oval Dish 7″ L x 4″ W – $9.95

Dry Cleaning Ticket Tray 7-2/8″ L – $10.95

Memo Notebook Mug 12oz – $12.95

Steep Up to the Plate Teabag Rest – $6.95

While You Were Out Tray 6 11/16″ L x 5″ W – $9.95

Rest in Grease Spoon Rest – $11.95

Fishs Eddy History: It was 1986 and we were driving around the back roads upstate New York (code for lost). We stumbled upon a small hamlet called Fishs Eddy. It was a perfectly odd name so we borrowed it for our just-opened shop near Gramercy Park. Those early days were new and exciting, driving aimlessly (code for no map) in our dented light blue pick-up looking for interesting finds. One fortuitous trip landed us in an old barn that was storing mountains of restaurant dishware from a near-by manufacturer. This barn had been in a fire and it was filled with plates, bowls, platters, cups and saucers, creamers and gravy boats. And remarkably, every single soot-covered dish was intact! We asked the owner of the barn (oh and yes, he was wearing overalls) if we could buy a few pieces and he said, “take it all!” And so we did. We hauled the “ware” back to our city apartment, scrubbed non-stop for days and discovered patterns and shapes that were absolutely beautiful and truly classic; a real slice of American history! We shared the same thought that we were on to something special… and customers agreed. Twenty-five years later Fishs Eddy has made its own history. Millions of edgy, unique and incredibly fun dishes and glasses have come in and out of our doors. That old blue pick up truck is now a big delivery truck with our logo (and a GPS!) Of course we still meander and let life take us to unexpected places (code for can’t figure out how to work the GPS.) But most importantly, we’re still true to our original vision: commercial quality dish and glassware with plenty of other things to make people smile. After all these years, we are still happiest doing dishes!

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