Book: “Jagger” by Marc Spitz

December 28, 2011

“For decades, Rolling Stones’ fans and critics have debated Mick Jagger’s commitment to rock-and-roll. Many assumed that Keith Richards was the only true believer of the two. Did Mick, with his middle-class upbringing and parental support, have ulterior motives for being a rock star above and beyond a love for the music? Mick’s swagger, bed-me eyes, and intellectual prowess were certainly essential to the Stones’ early success. After their early 70s peak, however, Mick’s celebrity persona and notorious womanizing, started to perhaps obscure his considerable talent as a songwriter and musician. His partner, Keith, has, in this time, laid claim to the heart and soul of the World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band. Until now, no one has really challenged this claim.”

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