The Museum At FIT: “Daphne Guinness”

January 6, 2012

“Why do a book and exhibition on Daphne Guinness? Because she is fearless about wearing the most extreme clothes and shoes, but is no mere clothes horse; because she is a serious collector of couture, yet is also a creative force in her own right; because she is an extraordinary individual whose perspective on fashion is unique and important.” – Nick Haymes

I had the pleasure of viewing the stunning couture collection of the honorable Daphne Guinness at the Museum at FIT.

“While there have been many exhibitions devoted to great fashion designers, only a few have focused on individual women of style. Yet certain singular women play a crucial role in fashion.  Known as fashion or style icons, they are a special type of fashion insider, one who not only inspires designers and brings their clothes to life, but actually creates a look that affects the way other people dress and/or think about dressing.”

Daphne Guinness, is one of today’s most original fashion icons.

 There’s only a few days left before the exhibit closes – if you haven’t had the chance to view the collection I highly suggest you high tail it over to the museum “your going to want to see this”!!!

Daphne Guinness

Special Exhibitions Gallery
September 16 through January 7, 2012

For More Info:


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