Polaboy: “Art By Day – Light By Night”

January 18, 2012

“For two years product designer and master craftsman Jirko Bannas, creative director and photobook publisher Oliver Seltmann worked intensively on the idea of the light picture. None of the existing standard products measured up to their vision of an ultra-flat, bright and uniformly illuminated light wall. During that period they developed products which would meet the highest technical, aesthetic and artistic demands the LIGHTBOYS LIGHTWALL®, the roof top lights® and the POLABOY® The LIGHTWALLS® are based on analogue and digital medium and large-format photographs taken by renowned international photographers. By cooperating with the best specialists in the production of analogue and digital photograph enlargements, LIGHTBOYS® create photographic masterpieces with astonishing intensity and brightness. These are images which not only open up rooms, but also hearts and minds; images which are pure and true and free from artificial effects or filters. They express strength, peace and reassurance and stand for freedom, open spaces and passion. They invite you to explore and discover their rich detail, to lose yourself in them. They are images which make you feel you™re in a special place and let you forget about your problems. Images with the power to move you.”

To Purchase: http://polaboy.de/

For More Info: http://www.lightboys.de


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